"Our original website lacked the professionalism of the work our foundation was achieving. We now feel that the visual design created with Photoshop is on par with the work we are accomplishing in the world."

— Spokesperson

WildiZe Foundation Builds a Website That Serves African Animal Conservation

WildiZe strives to support wildlife conservation and community development projects via education, environmental regeneration, and sustainable income opportunities throughout sub-Saharan Africa. 

The wildlife conservation organization's website is the only tool it has to effectively communicate its mission across the continents. And for a long time, the site failed to meet the organization's needs. It was hand-coded in basic HTML, meaning no one outside the home office could add or update content or provide feedback from a far location worldwide, including while on location in Africa. 

Now thanks to an Adobe's suite of products obtained through the Adobe Donation Program on TechSoup, the foundation's face on the World Wide Web more accurately represents its professional goals and causes. And the website gives the group the administrative flexibility it needs to update its online information from anywhere. 

WildiZe also employs Adobe PDF technology to allow users on basic systems to easily download necessary paperwork. This is important as some users work with platforms that cannot support modern file types. 

All of these improvements have significantly increased the impact and usefulness of the site. And it now is professional enough to attract grantors, yet easy enough to use for the nonprofit's grantees in Africa. Combining design elements created in Illustrator and Photoshop with media elements prepared in Photoshop and Flash has allowed WildiZe to present an enormous amount of information cleanly and concisely. The Adobe tools have facilitated an affordable online presence that serves the organization's administrative needs and also its clients.