Vienne in Poitou-Charentes

"We realized that we didn't have any examples [of electronics recycling] to provide as solutions or that we didn't know which solutions to promote. Now that we know SolidaTech, we are going to talk about you in order to bring some solid facts into our workshops."

— Pierre Toutan and Anne Dannhoffer, activity coordinators

France's Solidatech Boosts Local Technology Literacy and Recycling

Vienne in Poitou-Charentes promotes interest in science and technology, particularly to children and teens. Together along with 20 other French regional associations it is part of the l'Assocation Francaise des Petits Dobrouillards. It meets its mission by bringing practical hands-on activities and discussions about science and technology into everyday life. 

An example is its mobile phone reuse and recycling program at a nearby high school in Genevois-Signoret in Bressuire. Vienne also hosts Hackers Club, where children learn how computers and other electronic devices operate. This popular workshop entails the students learning about the electronic parts, removing one of them, and then analyzing why the device no longer works. 

Vienne also works with its partner organizations to promote information and communication technologies. Together with local youth centers, it guides children through publishing a tour of their own historical, industrial, or national heritage through multimedia tools. Students then post their finished work to Treks TIC (Technologies de linformation et de la communication) at for a global audience. 

Vienne does not provide software training, but of course there are some exceptions to this when working with a youth audience. Audio and video editing tools constitute one exception and Facebook literacy, particularly concerning data security and confidentially issues, another.

Vienne receives some hardware support for this program through the AdB-Solidatech program (the French arm of TechSoup). And with the support of Solidatech, the organization will have the opportunity to teach youth even more.