The Protective Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities of Cuenca Minerva

"Our experience has been excellent. It has helped us overcome the main obstacle to acquiring original licenses and hardware used by major companies. I'd like to point out the kind customer service and advice given by Technosite."

— Spokesperson

IT Donations Support Spanish NGO's Work for Youth with Disabilities

ASPROMIN (The Protective Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities of Cuenca Minera) was founded to respond to the training assistance and rehabilitation needs of children, youth, and adults with intellectual disabilities. 

Based in El Campillo Huelva, Spain, ASPROMIN's extends its work throughout la Comunidad Autonoma de Andaluc­a, where it takes care of 97 individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

The organization received a donation of Microsoft and Cisco products from Proyecto Dono, the IT donation program for Technosite, the TechSoup Global Network partner in Spain. The donated products support ASPROMIN as it works towards its goal of reintegrating people with intellectual disabilities into society by providing training, rehabilitation, education, and employment preparation and assistance.