Tenderloin Technology Lab

"Give a person a free hot meal, and you feed them for a day. Teach a person how to use a computer, and you feed them for a lifetime."

— Tenderloin Technology Lab newsletter

Technology Donations Keep Tech Lab Serving Homeless Up-to-Date

The Tenderloin Technology Lab seeks to remove barriers to technology and employment by providing access to computers and computing classes. The lab, located in an underserved, low-income neighborhood of San Francisco, offers everything from basic computer skills and introductory Internet classes, to computer programming and geographic information systems courses.

The lab was formed through a partnership between the St. Anthony's Foundation and San Francisco Network Ministries. Despite having a small annual budget of $300,000, the lab serves nearly 1,000 low-income and homeless clients.

The lab benefits enormously from its location in San Francisco, which is home to many technology experts as well as to TechSoup. Local computer technicians helped set up and run the lab. TechSoup keeps the lab's computers up-to-date with donations of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Having access to the latest tech tools gives the lab's clients a big advantage in finding employment and bettering their lives.