"While technology isn't the most glamorous thing, it's really the engine room. And having the right tools is really helping us to improve our operations, our accountability, and most importantly, our relationships so that we can focus on helping people in developing countries overcome poverty."

— Jon Horne, general manager 

TEAR Fund New Zealand Streamlines
Cross-Continental Communication

TEAR Fund New Zealand partners with local organizations in developing countries to help them find their own solutions to overcoming poverty. Its key activities are child sponsorship, micro-enterprise community development projects, and disaster relief. It has been serving the globe's poorest people for over three decades.

Much of TEAR Fund's work within New Zealand is focused on fundraising, with events and activities such as its Poverty Cycle, Gift for Life, and Sponsor a Child programs.

Coordinating projects between its New Zealand offices and its multiple aid partners in developing countries requires well-managed communication. Each stakeholder needs effective communication tools to ensure that TEAR Fund can maximize its impact. 

In late 2011, TEAR Fund was a benefactor of TechSoup New Zealand's product donation program, adding the Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool to its suite of technology. TEAR Fund general manager Jon Horne points out that receiving the TechSoup NZ package has allowed TEAR Fund to streamline its systems and processes so that it can take supporters on a deeper journey.

With the CRM tool, it is able to garner and build a better understanding of its supporters. So, TEAR Fund has been able tailor and personalize these relationships. For example, TEAR Fund can target messages and communication and create a deeper connection, which ultimately leads to positive action and advocacy for the poor.