Teach One Academy

"We are committed to the following motto: Each One. Reach One.Teach One. Microsoft and its software applications have afforded Teach One Academy the means to develop and implement the call to action and mobilize the community to support every at-risk youth. It has helped us to affect lifelong changes within our communities."

— Jennifer Toussaint 

Tech Donation Makes a Difference to At-Risk Youths at Teach One Academy

In Georgia, one in five children lives in poverty. The rate of underweight babies and the percentage of children having babies are still among the highest in America. Teach One Academy, a nonprofit based in Atlanta, was founded to minimize the rates of juvenile incarceration, gang violence, and substance abuse among youth. It is dedicated to building the minds of at-risk youths ages 5 through 18 through testimony, purpose, and vision.

Through its "Be a Visionary Mentoring" and "Youth Educational Enrichment" programs, Teach One Academy provides mentoring, scholarships, educational activities, and financial support that help young people develop to their fullest potential regardless of the obstacles they face. 

A donation of Microsoft software through TechSoup allowed Teach One Academy to give these young people the tools they need to both express themselves and learn new skills. Teach One Academy engages youth by giving them the technology to find their own voice. It has set up a YouTube competition online, mentoring forums, and a T-shirt design competition.

By utilizing social networks such as Facebook, Digg, and Twitter, the organization has been able to recruit support from domestic and global communities as well as celebrities who were previously beyond its reach. Microsoft Access and Excel give Teach One Academy, a grassroots organization, the ability to create several databases to track donors, potential funding sources, and pledges.