Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

"We are helping children in dire need in Taiwan and 34 countries, all through the contribution and donation from citizens in Taiwan and generous organizations like TechSoup-Taiwan."

— Spokesperson for TFCF

Software Donation Supports Assistance for Abused Taiwanese Children

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) supports disadvantaged children and families in Taiwan and 34 other countries. The fund's programs include services for impoverished children, youth, and families; a child and youth protection program; a foster care program; an early intervention program; and a placement service for children and youth in need.

TFCF also offers emergency or long-term placement for teenage girls vulnerable to the commercial sex trade. In 2009, the fund's branch offices provided assistance and consultations to 3,177 abused children and youth with services and programs like emergency shelter, medical assistance, mental trauma rehabilitation, legal consultation, and parenting education.

TFCF received a donation of Microsoft products through TechSoup-Taiwan, the IT donation program of Frontier Foundation, a TechSoup Global Network partner. These donations helped to advance TFCF's work with children and families in need.