Swept Away Media

"The book would not have been possible without our donated Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro software."

— Spokesperson for Swept Away Media

Software Donations Empower Florida Youths to Publish Book

Its a Catch-22 that many young people find themselves in: how to get relevant job experience without ever having been employed. Luckily for kids in the Boca Raton area aspiring to work in media, there's Swept Away Media. The organization gives high school and college students the training experience and expert mentoring needed to enter the highly competitive media world. Students can learn all aspects of creating print and video media such as writing, editing, and production. 

When students were given the opportunity to have a book published by Zest Books, Swept Away Media requested Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Professional software from the TechSoup software donation program. The book project was a collaborative effort between the organization's kids and editor Aaron Burgess. Without the donated Microsoft and Adobe software, the tasks of transcribing, writing, and editing would have been difficult, if not impossible. The result, Off the Bus and On the Record, a compilation of interviews with notable rock musicians, was published in 2009.