Stichting CHILD SURGERY - Việt Nam

"TechSoup provided us with Windows XP and Office Professional 2007. We have been able to use these to upgrade our computers so that no new costs need to be incurred for expansion." 

— Jo Koster, Stichting CHILD SURGERY - Việt Nam

Software Donations Aid Surgery for Physically Disabled Children in Vietnam

Stichting CHILD SURGERY - Việt Nam provides surgery for children with physical disabilities in northwestern Vietnam. Mobile units are sent to the very poorest communities, often in remote mountain areas. Here children are treated for congenital disorders, illnesses (such as polio), and injuries from accidents (mainly burns).

Although funds for the children's surgeries are raised in the Netherlands, most of the treatment is done by local doctors in Vietnam. The project is organized and carried out in cooperation with a Vietnamese partner organization.

Since Stichting CHILD SURGERY - Việt Nam began in 2006, more than 2,000 surgeries have been provided for children with physical disabilities.

Stichting CHILD SURGERY - Việt Nam received a donation of MS Office 2007 and Microsoft Windows XP through TechSoup Netherlands, which is jointly operated by TechSoup Global partner SOCIALware and Stichting GeefGratis. Because the organization's administrative budget is quite small, the upgrades for the office's computers provided essential support.