"Microsoft Outlook and Excel allowed us to efficiently collect and organize the contact information of our stakeholders. We now have an accurate, easy-to-manage list of our 1,053 supporters. With this list, we can easily segment our audience, allowing us to engage our donors better."

— Spokesperson for SeaChar

Environmental Organization Expands Its Reach with Software Donation

Based in Seattle, SeaChar is a grassroots nonprofit organization that develops, promotes, and shares positive tools for carbon-negative living. It promotes the widespread use of biomass waste to create biochar (a solid material obtained from the carbonization of biomass) and generate clean energy for the purpose of mitigating global warming, rebuilding soils, improving household air quality, and building green economies in the U.S. and developing countries. 

As a young organization, SeaChar had no real system to organize contact information for donors, volunteers, or participants in events and workshops. Contacts were written on pieces of paper and business cards were set aside. Opportunities to network with these important contacts were lost. Without a proper tracking system, SeaChar was also not able to keep in touch with its important stakeholders via email and social media. 

Using a Microsoft Office donation, SeaChar was able to organize important contact information. After uploading Excel spreadsheets to a contact management system, the organization now emails its supporters newsletters and event invitations. This has improved stakeholder participation and donations. The increase in donations gave SeaChar the ability to better serve its communities with stove-building workshops, carbon garden education, and the introduction of clean stove technology in Central America.