Roots of Health

"When I saw Adobe Production Premium 5.5 was one of TechSoup's offerings, I did a little jump of joy as we'd recently been experimenting with making short movies that highlight our work. I ordered it and was so excited that I just had to tweet about it."

Marcus Swanepoel, media and program director 

Professional Design Tools Make Roots of Health Flower in the Philippines

Roots of Health is a US-based organization that provides health and reproductive planning services to women and girls in the Philippines. The organization conducts educational workshops and provides medical and nutritional support in three communities serving hundreds of mothers, teens, children, and health educators.

Roots of Health brings pre- and post-natal care directly to the villagers, and the organization offers an educational partnership with the nurses and midwives of the local Palawan State University's College of Nursing and Midwifery. Community outreach like this requires a strong media and technical backbone. 

Marcus Swanepoel, media and program director, oversees the organization's website, produces videos for YouTube, and manages its social media presence. "Because we are a small organization, I have multiple roles and really value being able to design posters, invitations, and web material easily and have them look professional," he states.

He mastered these tasks with Adobe Creative Design Suite 3, purchased in 2009. But after a laptop malfunction, he could no longer use CS3 online. Luckily, he had signed up Roots of Health for TechSoup, and was extremely excited to see that Adobe was a software donor. Now videos, annual reports, teaching materials, and more are a part of the Roots of Health toolkit, helping the organization meet its mission.