Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Ranch

"Through this technology, our nonprofit has been in our local newspapers, radios, national magazines, Internet radio websites, linking websites, and email communication. All these forms of communication have helped bring attention to our community and our organization, and what we're doing here to help animals and people."

Spokesperson for the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Ranch

Animal Rescue Ranch Increases Outreach with Software Donations

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Ranch helps animals find homes in Walla Walla, Washington. When low income families are worried that they won't have enough money to keep their pets, the ranch provides them with food in order to keep pets out of shelters.

The ranch also fosters some animals and finds others foster homes. In order to be proactive about the pet population, it spays and neuter feral cats. In addition, the ranch works with the Humane Society to help with the "Pathways to Hope, Prison Dogs" program, which supports inmates who train unwanted dogs to become helpers for handicapped individuals. More than 30 trained dogs have been adopted into homes.

When the nonprofit started, it faced the challenge of getting the word out. Microsoft Office has helped the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Ranch build newsletters, brochures, volunteer databases, emails, mailings, and posters. It also helps the organization keep in touch with donors, volunteers, and new members.