Reporters Without Borders

Software Donations Help Reporters Without Borders Defend Free Press

Many like to think that the proliferation of social media has democratized the creation of, and access to, news. Unfortunately, throughout the world, freedom of the press is not a guarantee, and this is where Reporters Without Borders (RWB) comes in.

RWB has branches and offices throughout the world and works closely with local and regional free-press groups that are members of this network. Because it matters to RWB to make news and information available to as broad an audience as possible, it matters to have the right tools to do so.

With help from SOCIALware, a member of the TechSoup Global Network, Reporters Without Borders Belgium received donations of Microsoft software. The donations have enabled the organization to develop documents such as investigative reports and press releases, translate documents into different languages, and publish content in print and on the web.