"Technology is so woven into our everyday work because we've been able to go through TechSoup. From top down, we know that because we're so small, we have to invest in technology to give us a leg up with innovation and to reach more animals in need."

Leili Khalessi, communications manager 

Donated IT Helps Organization with Outreach to Save Animals Nationwide

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota is one of the largest and poorest in the United States. Facing pervasive economic difficulties, the reservation has suffered from severe domestic animal overpopulation. RedRover, based in Sacramento, California, was able to work with local volunteers to address the crisis.

With RedRover's help, puppies and adult dogs on the reservation received veterinary care and were relocated safely to no-kill shelters. RedRover, founded in 1987, helps animals in crisis with various programs across the country. These include issuing grants for emergency medical care and developing a curriculum for children to learn about empathy for animals. 

Leili Khalessi, communications manager, is part of a staff of 14 serving the United States and parts of Canada. She explained, "As a small organization on a national scale, one of our main challenges is our capacity. If a natural disaster strikes anywhere, we respond, and we get thousands of applications for financial assistance nationwide."

As a result, one of Khalessi's most prized tools has been Adobe CS5. With it, she has been able to develop high-quality visual materials to reach audiences nationally. "We receive photos from our volunteers,"  said Khalessi, "and I enhance them using Photoshop. One of the best things is when we know we've saved an animal's life and we get to share a photo of that animal."

The goal of maximizing the use of online technology is explicit in RedRover's mission, so being able to communicate impact visually was a necessity. In the past, RedRover couldn't communicate critical parts of how it was achieving its mission and how donor support was making an impact. The materials produced with the software allow the public to see the effects of RedRover's work, and makes people more connected to its cause.