Ramakrishna Mission Students

"The software donation from Microsoft through NASSCOM Foundation will be very useful to train all the senior students of our students home orphanage"

Swami Deshikatmananda, secretary 

Indian Orphans Enjoy Excellent IT Schooling with Software Donations

Most people like to think of themselves as self-made, overlooking how growing up with at least one trustworthy adult in their life and a roof over their head gives them a sizable advantage in life. The staff at the Ramakrishna Mission Students Home in India try to give orphaned boys a similar head start. The home not only fulfills the boys' basic needs, such as a place to sleep and food to eat, but also provides valuable recreational and educational opportunities.

Through the BiGTech program, a software donation program of NASSCOM Foundation, a TechSoup Global Network partner, the home received several donations to meet the educational needs of the students. Leaving the home as educated young adults means these young men can go out into the world and make a living on their own, just like their counterparts who had parents to watch over them.