Public Architecture

"The posters, thanks to TechSoup and Adobe Creative Suite 4.0, make a complex issue simple and compelling, clearly and directly expressing the need for the Day Labor Station. The posters have given us and our partner, the National Day Labor Organizing Network (NDLON), a new visual and textual language to use in engaging supporters of this important project."

Spokesperson for Public Architecture

Day Labor Station Posters Bring Human Issues into the Public Fold

Public Architecture is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit located in San Francisco, California. It was established to bring high-level design to under-served people and places. One of its most successful design initiatives for social change, the Day Labor Station, was made possible largely in part by posters crafted through a donation of Adobe Creative Suite 4.0 through Adobe's Donation Program on TechSoup.

A Day Labor Station is a sustainable structure that provides a place for day laborers to gather and facilitate the employment process. Public Architecture's staff collaborated with a graphic design firm to produce a poster series with Adobe Creative Suite 4.0. The posters were intended to clearly lay out the ethical and humanistic imperative for the station, grounding the proposed design in its socioeconomic, historic, and moral context.

These images give the public the opportunity to connect with day laborers as individual human beings, rather than members of a faceless group of 110,000 nationwide. The project is one of Public Architecture's most innovative and important initiatives. A creative and memorable poster outreach campaign helped promote the idea of day labor stations and bring attention to the benefits and controversy of the entire day labor system.