Project Walk

"We have recently begun to use Adobe Premiere to edit our promotional videos. This switch has enabled us to put together professional-quality videos without the expense of hiring outside consultants to produce and edit. These videos are instrumental in bringing in new clients as well as helping to raise awareness of our program."

Spokesperson for Project Walk, Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center

The Video Reach of Project Walk Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center

Since 1999, Project Walk in Carlsbad, California has attracted spinal cord-injured clients from around the world for its comprehensive, exercise-based, physical recovery program. Using Adobe Premiere, it produced a series of promotional videos and then later, client progress videos. Project Walk credits its video work with helping to launch 10 additional physical recovery-certified programs across the globe, and receiving thousands of dollars in donations. Promotional videos on the organization's website (also built with the help of Adobe Photoshop) were developed to raise awareness of the program, bring in new clients, fund operations, and offer client scholarships.

As demand for exercise-based recovery has increased, Project Walk has certified additional programs in New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Texas, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Spain. It also developed a customized promotional video for each new location. These videos assist facilities in fundraising and attract individuals seeking scholarships for services. But Project Walk found another use for the power of Adobe video. It began producing videos of individual clients to demonstrate their physical progress for their own personal, fundraising efforts. This has enabled the clients themselves to raise money for the cost of attending the program. One client raised enough to pay for the services he received, as well as to provide scholarships for other clients who would not otherwise have been able to attend.