Pro Seniors

"SAP Crystal Reports has no substitute. We could not run our organization without it. Database management, funder reports, strategic planning, evaluations, attorney fees, class action suits we rely on it for all our main programs."

Tom Bedall, managing attorney

Senior Ohioans Gain Medicare Savings Thanks to Donated Software

Pro Seniors is a nonprofit based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has been providing free help for older Ohioans with legal nursing-home and other long-term care problems since 1975. The staff of 34 serves more than 7,500 clients annually, providing many kinds of support, including a legal hotline, legal representation, pension rights advocacy, and a long-term care ombudsman who advocates for the rights of nursing home residents.

Tom Bedall, managing attorney at Pro Seniors, has experienced firsthand what a difference a powerful reporting program can make to the nonprofit and to its clients. A donation of SAP's Crystal Reports via was instrumental in saving senior Ohioans a pretty penny on Medicare costs.

The Medicare Savings Program (MSP) supports low-income seniors by paying for some or all of their out-of-pocket Medicare costs. Pro Seniors' challenge, however, was to identify seniors who were eligible for MSP, but not enrolled. These seniors make up less than 5 percent of all MSP-eligible seniors, and less than 1 percent of all seniors.

The individuals who are eligible but not enrolled had been the hardest to reach because they generally did not take advantage of other senior services. Pro Seniors' legal hotline is the first point of contact for many of the nonprofit's clients. ProSeniors decided to let SAP's Crystal Reports filter the hotline client database to find potential MSP beneficiaries.

After Crystal Reports ran a filter with six data points, Pro Seniors followed up with the individuals identified. Pro Seniors was able to help hundreds of seniors recoup hundreds of dollars of lost income.

Virginia C. was a typical beneficiary who received a phone call from Pro Seniors after Crystal Reports identified her as eligible for MSP. After receiving Pro Seniors' support in filling out the MSP and Medicare Part D Extra Help applications, Virginia began to see the benefits immediately.