Pro Juventute Association

"Before the donation arrived, we did not have any programs to aid our work. Through the donation, we can edit a ready-to-print publication or magazine of high quality and provide the interested public with high-quality materials."

Dalos, Pro Juventute Egyeslet

Software Donations Boost Life Skills for Hungarian Foster Kids

Pro Juventute Egyeslet or Pro Juventute Association helps children and youth in Hungarian foster care through the promotion of education, training, employment, independent living, and social integration. The association helps children in government care by organizing leisure and recreational activities, trainings on holidays, summer camps, lifestyle camps, family programs for foster families, and education classes for its members and for people working in child protective services. One key tool this organization uses to draw attention to the issues of children and youth in state care is its quarterly magazine, Vadec. The magazine includes features about the lives of children and youth in foster care, to show that they are no different from anyone else. It also highlights the efforts of those who work with foster children and youth.

Prior to the donation of magazine publishing software, the association's staff used basic word processing software, which resulted in a lower-quality magazine, a long layout time, and a difficult publishing process. After receiving a donation of Microsoft Visio Standard 2007, Publisher 2007, and Office Professional Plus 2007 software through CivilTech, the Hungarian software donation program of the NIOK Foundation, Pro Juventute Association now creates a higher-quality, more professional magazine in a shorter amount of time.