Pat Tillman Foundation

"Somewhere inside, we hear a voice. It leads us in the direction of who we wish to become. But it is up to us whether or not to follow."

— Pat Tillman

Tillman Foundation Supports Military Veterans and Spouses in Service to Others

Patrick Tillman, better known as Pat Tillman, is now a household name. After 9/11, he put his NFL career on hold to serve in the military. He passed away in service, and his memory inspired his friends and family to begin the Pat Tillman Foundation.

The Tillman Foundation does groundbreaking work. It provides academic scholarships to military veterans and their spouses who show academic and leadership potential and a commitment to their respective academic fields. By providing opportunities for these scholars, the Foundation effectively builds a diverse community of individuals who contribute greatly to society through higher education and service to others.

The Pat Tillman Foundation has honored more than 460 Tillman Scholars, awarding $14 million in academic scholarships and related support and enabling the recipients to attend over 100 universities. And although the Tillman Foundation was created after Pat's passing, his legacy still lives on through the hundreds of people his character has helped inspire.

The Pat Tillman Foundation participated in TechSoup's Storymakers 2016 campaign. Through its video story, we get to meet Tillman Scholar Adrian Kinsella and see the amazing things the network of Tillman scholars has been able to accomplish.