"This software donation has expanded our opportunities, and our organization enjoys the benefits of modern software that fulfills our needs."

Spokesperson for ParaCENTRUM Fenix

ParaCENTRUM Fenix Receives Help Meeting Client IT Demand

ParaCENTRUM Fenix is a nonprofit that serves people with spinal cord damage, as well as their family members and friends. The motto of its work is "Back to Life." All of its efforts are focused on helping injured individuals thrive in their new situation.

Part of its effort is training and retraining its clients with job skills and information technology. ParaCENTRUM Fenix has offered computer classes since 2005. These have always been a popular choice for its clients, but the NGO is not yet able to meet the high demand. Fenix's classes are taught at two levels: basic and advanced. In the basic classes, instructors teach the fundamentals of working with an operating system, the Internet, and the Microsoft Office suite. Advanced students can attend courses on HTML, computer graphics, digital photography, and operating system administration. The instructors tailor the syllabus to focus on other topics important to the students. 

In the past, Fenix used Windows XP Professional and Office 2003 Professional. However, after Microsoft released its new software versions, the organization wanted to to continue offering relevant classes. In spring of 2012, Fenix requested Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010 Professional Plus from TechSoup Czech Republic. Each of the 6 computers in the lab and each of the 12 administrative computers was equipped with a new operating system and a new Office suite.

In the future, the NGO will focus on upgrading its computer hardware. Additionally, it will implement assistive technology software to help facilitate computer interaction for clients with severe physical disabilities.