My Dear Bucharest Association

"My Dear Bucharest magazine is edited using Adobe Creative Suite. The publication is available to the public for free, both in print and online."

— Spokesperson, My Dear Bucharest

Adobe Software Adds Punch to Bucharest Photo Magazine

My Dear Bucharest Association is about Bucharest, photography, photographers, history, good places, and great memories. It is a treasury of Bucharest’s most memorable places and moments in time, helping both locals and tourists to discover the inner beauty of a city full of surprises. Association President Andrei Birsan has lived his entire life in Bucharest and has been a photographer for more than 30 years. He inherited his passion for Bucharest from his father. "I like Bucharest, and I like to capture it in photos," Birsan said. "For me, Bucharest is similar to a family member. Maybe he is not always in the best mood, but he is still ours. We have to respect and to understand him, with his good and bad parts."

One of the association’s most daring projects is its monthly magazine — My Dear Bucharest. Among the themes the magazine covers are street photography, Romanian photography, seasons in Bucharest, traditional holidays, discovering Bucharest by bike, and historical places in Bucharest. The magazine is available to the public for free, both in printed and online format ( The purpose of My Dear Bucharest is not only to keep its readers up to date with stories and pieces of history, but also to build a visual memory of the town, from recent history to contemporary events. The magazine’s motto is "Live the moment, keep the moment."

My Dear Bucharest is edited using Adobe Creative Suite, requested through TechSoup Romania. The association was among the first nongovernmental organizations to request a donation when TechSoup Romania opened the Adobe program to its community in October 2012. Anyone who discovers the pages of My Dear Bucharest will find himself or herself taking an interesting journey among buildings, places, family portraits, local personalities, exhibitions, public transportation, and old crafts. Together they paint a colorful portrait of one of the youngest capitals in the European Union — a city always ready to be discovered by its visitors.