Maritsa 2008 Community Center

"It’s a real pleasure to work with original Microsoft products. They make the document processing and the preparation of presentations so much easier."

Mitko Zhelyazkov, secretary

Maritsa 2008 Community Center

The main task of the Maritsa 2008 community center is to revive the community life of the village of Raynovo where it is located. The large projects carried out by the community center include restoring traditional holidays, implementing environmental preservation projects, and improving the environment in the village and the municipality. One of its successful projects is its web page. It is used to publish news about the center's activities and to promote the tourist attractions and cultural events in the region.

Maritsa 2008 is a nongovernmental public benefit organization. Most of its projects are initiated by the members of the organization. The most prominent event organized by the community center is the Protected Worlds Alternative Film Festival; this year it attracted international participants. Other projects include environmental brigades, photo exhibitions, the regional celebration “Vyara, Nadezhda, Lyubov” (Faith, Hope, Love), and summer camps for children and youths.

The Microsoft donation that Maritsa 2008 received greatly improved the administrative work of its board and of the secretary of the organization, allowing them to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently and to be able to devote more time to project implementation. Prior to the donation, the organization was forced to use illegal software, which also was a much older version. The Windows 7 donation is used to prepare Word documents and PowerPoint presentations for projects and to keep track of finances, using spreadsheets.