Mariposa School

"For a school that is based primarily on new research and on individuals' daily growth, an updated system was key. Now Mariposa is able to better serve its students and make way for an even brighter future."

— Spokesperson for the Mariposa School

Technology Donations Power School for Autistic Kids

The Mariposa School provides children with autism and other developmental disabilities year-round, one-on-one instruction using innovative teaching techniques. Based in North Carolina, the school has attracted international attention for its progressive teaching curriculum. The educational program is tailored to fit each child's individual needs so that children can reach their maximum potential.

Mariposa uses a teaching method based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This method teaches the students how to use social, motor, verbal, reasoning and other skills. Many children with autism have trouble with these behaviors on their own, and have to be taught how to use them. ABA uses positive reinforcement as well as prompting to teach these skills.

Mariposa's customized approach to teaching relies on efficient technology. The school's outdated IT infrastructure had resulted in frequent server crashes that got in the way of vital information sharing. That changed after the organization received a donation of Microsoft Windows Server and Office software through TechSoup's software donation program. Microsoft Office was used to grow a database with information on student progress. The newly updated server powered by Microsoft Windows Server enabled teachers and staff to access the database anytime and simultaneously.