Magosfa Foundation

"The Magosfa Foundation will make a great step with the Windows Server that were donated through the CivilTech program. That will make it possible to store and get access to files more easily; furthermore the staff will have the opportunity to work from home."

— Szilrd Szab, systems operator

CivilTech Support Boosts Environmental Protection in Hungary

As one of the first green organizations in Hungary, the Magosfa Foundation focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development of the region. The foundation's small staff of seven operates a number of programs in the northern Trans-Danubian region. The programs include environmental protection, education programs, camps for school kids, and initiatives that support local production, farming, or ecotourism. Information technology supports the day-to-day operations of the foundation's tiny staff. Software from CivilTech, the donation program run by the TechSoup Global Partner NIOK, has made operations much smoother. A donated Microsoft Server software license created a network for the organization's computers, making file sharing and collaboration easier. Seven donated licenses for Microsoft Windows and Office software have helped staff to produce, read, and respond to documents sent by government offices. The donations have proved very valuable to improving Magosfa Foundation's everyday operations, and the foundation looks forward to working with CivilTech as it expands its educational programs.