The Love Foundation

"We are ever grateful for TechSoup and the Nonprofit Commons for their many valuable resources, professional assistance, and meaningful friendships both in Second Life and the real world."

— Harold Becker, president and founder

The Love Foundation Opens Its Heart to Second Life

"Unconditional love is an unlimited way of being," is the tagline of The Love Foundation. Launched in 2000 by founder and president Harold Becker, it is a global love awareness nonprofit organization. The organization's goal is to promote the oneness of humanity through public awareness campaigns and events. 

Its message has now reached 136 countries and is powered by the efforts of numerous volunteers. Its annual May First Global Love Festival, held both in real life and in the online virtual community Second Life, is one of its flagship campaigns. The Love Foundation also hosts numerous other efforts toward education research and charitable giving to further its message of love for all. 

Since 2010, the organization has been a proud and active member of TechSoup's Nonprofit Commons in Second Life. This unique platform started as a safe and welcoming place for nonprofit organizations that were new to virtual communities. It is the perfect medium for spreading the organization's worldwide message. Becker also points out that Second Life has helped volunteers and new members meet one another and commit to taking on loving action offline. 

Along with their other social sites, they are using Second Life to bring awareness of their organization and programs. Through our expanding global connections, they are finding ways to collaborate with individuals and organizations that share their vision.