Lawyers Without Borders

"By using Microsoft technology as the foundation for its operations, Lawyers Without Borders has contributed to rebuilding judicial capacity in Liberia. This will inevitably lead to justice for all Liberians and bring peace and stability to nation with a history of violent conflict."

— Spokesperson

Donated IT Helps Lawyers Without Borders Rebuild Judicial System in Liberia

In 2001, Christina Storm noticed that many experienced lawyers who had a desire to serve in a pro-bono capacity were not given international opportunities to do so. She also noted that many organizations and third-world governments couldn't afford attorneys with strong qualifications. So she founded Lawyers Without Borders, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect the integrity of the legal process, serve the underserved, and promote the culture of pro-bono service in the legal profession. Lawyers Without Borders is working to build judicial systems and spread democracy and peace throughout the world. The organization supports and trains governments, legal professionals, non-governmental organizations, and communities. 

Between 1989 and 2003 more than 500,000 Liberians were killed, and more than 1 million others were displaced in a brutal civil war. War destroyed much of the country's economic and government infrastructure. It also destroyed the legal system, leaving few legally educated judges and lawyers to administer justice. 

LWOB began working with the Liberian legal community in 2004. It provided law books, reference materials, and supplies while also providing typewriters for use in the courts. In 2007, LWOB completed a trial advocacy training program for defense and prosecution lawyers to improve trial skills. Liberian judges and lawyers now have legal resources and enhanced skills to perform their work. 

Throughout its work in Liberia, LWOB relied on Microsoft products for its service and to manage its project teams. Using Microsoft products, LWOB is building a digest of Liberian case law, and Microsoft Office products are used to create all training materials.