Juon Network

"We need to report clearly how membership fees are spent, making sure that people continue their membership. This is the role of newsletter. When we only had one Mac that ran Illustrator, one person had to wait until the other person finished the work. But now that we have the Design Premium installed on a second Mac, our publishing operations have become very efficient."

— Mr. Yanai

Donated Software Connects Japan's Communities for Forest Preservation

Juon Network protects local forests by connecting people in urban and rural areas across Japan. Established in 1998 by university co-op members, the Tokyo-based nonprofit works to protect the natural environment, cultivate local culture, and tackle the balance between under- and overpopulation. 

Its four paid staff and 60 volunteers nationwide also aim to foster new values and lifestyles in the spirit of independence and cooperation. Juon's newsletter connects rural and urban communities while facilitating involvement from people who can't participate directly in forest conservation. 

When the organization could only afford to purchase Adobe Illustrator for one of its two new computers, its newsletter publishing process slowed to a crawl. The donation of Adobe Design Premium by TechSoup Japan and Japan NPO Center brought Juon's production process back up to speed and helped it to create a more attractive publication.