Intersection for the Arts

"For an arts organization rooted in community like us, Creative Suite is an invaluable resource that allows us to deliver quality content to our Flickr album, graphics for our print, and web collateral, which helps us keep our audience and community engaged."

— Spokesperson

Intersection for the Arts Exposes Youth to Art

As a thriving arts organization and incubator in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1960s, Intersection for the Arts reaches a wide audience. It incubates and partners with over 100 arts groups while simultaneously producing its own programming. 

With a staff of only seven full-time and seven part-time employees, Intersection requires exquisite, visually-driven communication to reach all the communities they want to serve in San Francisco. Adobe's Creative Suite, acquired through a donation via TechSoup, is a part of Intersection for the Art's daily routine for clean, professional visual dialog. It's used for everything from the organization's website to printing collateral and other communications. 

But it's also an essential tool used for the artistic expression Intersection is trying to grow. For example, Oasis for Girls, a partner youth organization, participated in an art program for youth focused on body image. During this program, 14- to 17-year-olds took photos of silk-screened work to create an online gallery, which for most participants was their first form of artistic expression. This is a population that has had little exposure to art. They're at-risk kids, and it was their first chance to express themselves in a way that they might not have thought they'd be able to do. 

Saving resources that would have been necessary to buy software allowed Intersection to invest in the youth themselves. Creative Suite is the one application designers always ask for to develop things for their engagement program. And thanks to TechSoup and Adobe, they have the tools they need to tell their stories and better share their programs with the public.