International Rivers

"For a small-budgeted organization, Adobe Flash technology has enabled us to tell our story in a dynamic, modern way without the cost of full-production video."

— Spokesperson

Promoting Healthy Rivers and Communities with Donated Technology

To maintain a world where healthy waterways and the rights of local communities are valued and protected, Berkeley's International Rivers has used Adobe Flash multimedia to help share its mission with the world. Photos, facts, and global music collaborate in a compelling series of slideshows to promote membership and activism with more conviction than a stagnant essay appeal. 

The message of We All Live Downstream, the first slideshow by the nonprofit, has mobilized over 2,500 people in over 150 countries. The organization deemed it powerful enough to create a dozen more slideshows as well as other video multimedia. 

International Rivers has decided to use an older version of Flash for maximum global outreach. By using Flash, they have been able to tell their stories with emotion in a way that brings them to life. In the past, long essays were used to describe who they are and what they do, but now they are able to capture it all in less than three minutes.