Intermountain Centers for Human Development

"Intermountain staff are firmly committed to addressing the needs of those we serve in individualized ways that integrate strength, culture, and greater independence."

— Karen Young

Technology Donations Ease Record Keeping for Group Helping Disabled

Intermountain Centers for Human Development (ICHD) is a Tucson, Arizona–based nonprofit that provides support services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. 

Among the at-risk populations ICHD serves are children and youth who are emotionally or behaviorally challenged, adults who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, individuals who are developmentally delayed, families in need of parenting skills and community resources in order to provide for their children, and children who are transitioning from one care facility to another. 

With a budget of $18 million and a staff of 300 full-time employees, ICHD supports about 2,300 clients a year through its various programs. Donated Microsoft software plays a key role in the continued success of ICHD's operations. Regulations require ICHD therapists to account for their time with a client in 15-minute increments. Unannounced audits from multiple referring agencies can happen at any time. Microsoft Windows Server, Exchange Server, and SQL Server have helped to facilitate accurate record keeping and remote access by ICHD staff. Microsoft Office is used by therapists and other staff members to prepare reports and other documents.