Holden High

"We've struggled for years to have a reliable environment for kids to work on their academics. Then we got seven desktops from TechSoup's Refurbished Computer Initiative. They're actually networked so that one computer is used as the server for file sharing. This is the largest number of computers we've ever had accessible for all of our kids. It's totally awesome."

— Abby Tuttle

Supporting At-Risk Students to Find Paths to Success with Tech Donations

High school can be tough no matter what. But when tough means confronting violence on a daily basis, what should a student do? For high school freshman Krystal Saldivar, the answer was to skip school. However, instead of dropping out, Krystal transferred to Holden High School. The nonprofit organization and alternative high school put Krystal on the path to a happy ending that would have been impossible to achieve at her old public school. 

At Holden High, small class sizes create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages participation and deeper learning. The small student body of no more than 40 students at any time cuts down on cliques and breeds a collegial environment. Students are also paired with a transition counselor who encourages them to explore their options after high school. 

When Holden High's landmark 40th anniversary loomed, the organization decided it was time an information technology overhaul. And through TechSoup's Refurbished Computer Initiative, Holden received several Dell computers with Windows operating systems. Fully equipped with new computers and software, Holden can look forward to helping more students like Krystal. And Krystal? After graduating with a 4.0 grade point average, she secured a full-time job thanks to the technology skills and encouragement she received at Holden.