High Hopes, Inc.

"They give high hopes to students and parents every day that progress can be made, milestones can be met, barriers can be broken."

High Hopes Helps Kids with Its Inclusive Preschool and Therapy Clinic

High Hopes is a nonprofit organization that offers a specialized and focused approach to serving children with and without special needs. Depending on the child’s needs, High Hopes offers either an inclusive preschool environment or an immersive therapy clinic for its participants. Its therapy clinic provides physical, occupational, speech, or feeding therapy to children with special needs. For more than 30 years, High Hopes has been helping children with special needs or chronic diseases meet their needs both academically and therapeutically.

High Hopes participated in the Storymakers 2016 campaign, sharing its inspiring story and mission, and allowing others to see the extent of its social impact. Its video gives a glimpse into how many children High Hopes has helped through its philanthropic efforts.