Handball-Region SüdOst-Niedersachsen

"We are finally using a unified and modern IT platform for our work and can leave behind the many problems and aggravations solely caused by non-compatible operating systems and software. And all this has happened without putting a major burden on our budget."

— Helmut Schutte, chairperson

Software Streamlines Communications of German Sports Group

The nonprofit organization Handball-Region SüdOst-Niedersachsen e.V. (HRSON) promotes the sport of handball in the southeastern region of Lower Saxony. HRSON organizes tournaments for youth, seniors, and foster children. It also trains coaches, referees, and trainers. It encourages cooperation between schools and clubs. In addition, the organization supports projects such as youth training for the Olympics. And it works toward integrating children with disabilities and migrant children into German society through the sport of handball. 

Through Stifter-helfen.de IT for Nonprofits, TechSoup's global partner in Germany, HRSON received a license for Adobe Acrobat Standard software. The donation has helped HRSON improve its overall communications, while simplifying and accelerating many administrative tasks such as transmitting game schedules and forms. Since HRSON communicates with clubs and volunteers primarily via email, its website, and PDF documents, the Adobe software has been a welcome addition.