Guitars Not Guns — National Capital Area

"GnG NCA began as an all-volunteer organization with limited funds, and it was difficult for us to process the administrative burden. Thanks to Microsoft and TechSoup, we were able to acquire the software technology necessary to significantly increase our administrative processing capacity, create professional documents, and maintain our web site."

— Spokesperson

Fifty Percent More Kids Receive Music Lessons Thanks to Donated Software

Inspiring kids to be their best through music instruction is what Guitars Not Guns — National Capital Area (GnG NCA) does. The nonprofit provides after-school guitar instruction to at-risk youth aged 10 to 18. Through the program, youth build valuable skills such as responsibility, discipline, creative thinking, and teamwork. 

GnG partners with local organizations to provide a quality music program to them. Bringing programs into neighborhoods is the most effective way to improve the quality of life in that community. In the National Capital Area, it partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs neighborhood centers, homeless shelters, special education schools, foster care, and Big Brothers & Big Sisters. It currently serves over 300 students annually at 15 teaching locations. 

The largely volunteer-run organization works hard to make sure the most is made of whatever help it gets. When the organization received donations through TechSoup, it optimized its operations to great effect. GnG NCA improved mission delivery, established a more professional image, and achieved better name recognition. The results are that GnG NCA serves 50 percent more youth annually and works with 30 percent more volunteers. It has used its experience to advise other GnG affiliates on how they can use Microsoft technology to make similar capacity and fundraising improvements.