Greenpeace Romania

"Donations received via TechSoup helped the organization design better materials for different campaigns, both online and offline. It’s easier now to edit materials and to test new ideas."

— Irina Bandrabur, communication officer

Software Helps Spice Up Greenpeace Campaign Materials

One of the biggest environmental organizations in the world, Greenpeace is present in more than 40 countries around the globe. In Romania, Greenpeace has worked since 2007 for forest preservation, a Common Fisheries Policy, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture, and against climate change and nuclear energy. 

Recently, Greenpeace Romania launched a boat that is traveling from the Black Sea port of Constanta across Europe to promote sustainable fishing by coastal communities, where local fishermen have an important role in maintaining fish stocks. The Common Fisheries Policy was created in 1983 out of concern that industrial fishing was threatening the future of fish stocks, seas, and coastal communities in Europe. The boat will travel around Europe, carrying messages encouraging fishermen to practice sustainable fishing. These messages can be also sent online. 

In June 2013, when Greenpeace Romania’s boat tour ends, all supporting messages and initiatives related to sustainable fishing will be handed to European Union officials in Brussels.