Greenpeace Czech Republic

“Although Greenpeace is maybe most visible through its nonviolent direct actions, the majority of our work is done in the office. So adequately equipped computers are a necessary condition to run our campaigns. Before the donation, our computers had old MS Office licenses which were outdated and didn’t apply to the current state of art and were incompatible with many applications, which means some of our computers were not properly usable.”

— Jitka Nesrstová, fundraising director

Greenpeace Czech Republic

Greenpeace is a global environmental group that works to change attitudes and behavior regarding the environment, protect and conserve the planet and its resources, and promote peace. To maintain its independence, Greenpeace does not accept money from companies, governments, or political parties. The group has been active in the Czech Republic since 1992. 

Greenpeace’s global goals include protecting the climate; defending ocean life and ancient forests; exposing nuclear, chemical, and biological threats to the environment; and promoting human health. In the Czech Republic, Greenpeace focuses mainly on the protection of the climate and on its Arctic, coal, oceans, and toxic campaigns. 

In 2010, Greenpeace received a donation of 16 Microsoft Office Standard 2010 licenses, 2 Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 licenses, and 6 Windows 7 Professional Upgrade 32-Bit licenses from TechSoup Česká Republika, TechSoup’s global partner in the Czech Republic. In 2012, Greenpeace received an additional license of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.

The Windows 7 upgrade enabled staff to connect more workstations with the modern OS to the group’s local network. That, in turn, enabled volunteers to help as campaign assistants directly in the office. 

“The Microsoft Office Standard licences enabled us to use latest versions of programs like Word or Excel also on computers and notebooks, which had open-source software or a trial version before,” Nesrstová said. “As work with a text or tables is a daily routine for everybody in Greenpeace, the possibility to use the licenses was a great contribution to our work and increased productivity of our work. Thanks to Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 we can also use Microsoft Access, which we need for our database administration.”