Gorebridge Community Development Trust

"The levels of Internet access at young people's homes are very low. We've set up a Youth Room [where] they might play online games or they might be doing a PowerPoint presentation for school. They have a chance to use the Internet."

— Simeon Ripley

CTT Helps Youth in Small Scottish Town Bridge the Digital Divide

Gorebridge, a small former mining town near Edinburgh, has struggled to adapt to life after the collapse of the British coal industry. Many businesses have closed or moved elsewhere, and investment in services and facilities is hard to come by. In 2004, the Gorebridge Community Development Trust (GCDT) was formed to attempt to address some of these issues and help regenerate the area. 

Since many young people in Gorebridge do not have Internet access at home, GCDT decided to create a computer facility for young people. The Gorebridge Youth Room gives kids an opportunity to play online games, tap into social networks, and do their homework. It is hopefully the first step in bringing Gorebridge into the modern world. 

Donations made through the Charity Technology Exchange, the IT donation program of Charity Technology Trust, a TechSoup Global partner in the United Kingdom, were instrumental in setting up the GCDT computer lab. The lab's six PCs were equipped with a Cisco router and wireless adapters, Microsoft Office 2007, and Vista Business upgrades.