Global Glimpse

"If you think about that moment where your world perspective started to change, and then you think about who helped you, the message to our supporters is: you can be a part of making that possible for a young person now. Today."

Global Glimpse Builds New Generation of Leaders

Less than one percent of U.S. high school students study abroad, which can greatly limit the scope of the students' worldly understanding. Global Glimpse is a 501(c)(3) organization working to change that by providing opportunities to obtain life-changing education abroad to youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Students who otherwise wouldn't be able to go abroad are able to gain experiences that shape how they view their roles in the world. These students start to see how big their impacts can be, understand the American scope with which they view the world, and understand "how valuable they are to building a more just and equitable world," according to Eliza Pesuit, Global Glimpse's executive director. 

Global Glimpse sends students from the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, and Chicago to countries like Ecuador and Nicaragua. Through this effort, Global Glimpse hopes to build a new generation of leaders who will tackle the social, economic, and political challenges of their generation.

Global Glimpse shared its inspiring story and mission in the 2016 Storymakers campaign, allowing others to see the extent of its social impact. Its video showcases the stories of many students and depicts how the Global Glimpse community enlightens hundreds of students, teachers, and family members in the United States and abroad.