"Without Microsoft Office products, we would not be able to effectively fundraise for our programs."

— Spokesperson

Kids Learn Farming for Good with Software Donation

GRuB is dedicated to empowering low-income communities by bringing them together around food and agriculture to create a sustainable food system. GRuB works with kids from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade to learn about and contribute to their local food systems. Students can acquire hands-on learning through farm field trips and farming. 

GRuB empowers communities to become more self-reliant and healthy by offering education and training for building community and backyard gardens. During GRuB's early years, staff worked on a shoestring budget, making do with old, donated computers and outdated software. Increased demand for GRuB's agriculture training required technological help of the sort only TechSoup's software donation program provides. 

GRuB received Microsoft Server, Windows, and Office software. Microsoft Server made it possible to build an on-site server for collaborative work. Office's Excel program helps with budgeting, project planning, and management. Microsoft Word has proved critical for getting funding through donor outreach and grant writing. In 2010, with the help of Microsoft Word, GRuB raised over $200,000 in grants and $50,000 in donations.