Fundación Cege@ AC

Fundación Cege@ AC

The CEGE@ Foundation’s main goal is to help vulnerable groups raise their standard of living in a sustainable manner through programs, strategies, and activities that result in direct benefits to the community. Current programs are aimed at integration of the elderly, increase of youth employment, and promoting basic human rights. 

The foundation’s mission is to develop programs and projects and to propose solutions aimed at citizens’ basic development. It strives to carry out activities that can be replicated and adapted in each municipality and state in Mexico and in other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean region. 

The CEGE@ Foundation was formed November 1, 2001. Throughout its first decade of lessons learned, it has identified information and communication technology (ICT) as a key tool for sustainable development. 

Through products received via the OSC digital donation program, the foundation has been able to develop an updated and more secure cloud-based platform for information management. It has increased its ability to design, develop, implement, and evaluate social projects and to interact more efficiently with its stakeholders, including donors, volunteers, staff, and clients. 

This milestone has been reached thanks to the great work of young people from higher education institutions who collaborated with the organization, helping with software implementation and staff training as part of an internship program. 

Currently the organization is installing a classroom within a Training Center for Sustainable Social Development where — supported by different entities — online education and training will be offered to large numbers of people.