Hansel + Gretel Foundation

"Like other organizations, foundations should also have state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to the IT donation program, we have the latest software and can do our work much better."

— Jerome Braun, managing director

German Emergency Islands Prevent Child Abuse with Tech Donations

It's a crime that should never happen and is difficult to imagine — child abuse. Until the day comes that child abuse is just a memory, German children are lucky they have organizations like the Hansel + Gretel Foundation. The foundation focuses on the prevention of and rehabilitation from violence and sexual abuse against children. 

The foundation has initiated a number of projects including video interrogation rooms specifically designed to facilitate the questioning of abused children at 38 courts across Germany. Another of the foundation's projects focuses on prevention through the designation of emergency islands, which let children in emergency situations find help in shops. 

Thanks to Stifter-helfen.de, the Hansel + Gretel Foundation received donated Windows 7 software from Microsoft. The donation significantly improved the overall technology capacity of the organization and improved support for the more than 100 emergency island locations in Germany.