Foundation for International Understanding Through Students

Software Donations Foster Cross-Cultural Connections for Students

Born out of the spirit of international cooperation following World War II, the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS) was established to promote understanding by extending hospitality to international students. Founded at the University of Washington, FIUTS connects students with local and global communities through programs that build international awareness, cross-cultural communication, and informed leadership. 

Although much has changed over the 50 years since the organization was founded, it continues to adapt to foster cross-cultural connections. A strategy in FIUTS's continuing evolution was a technology transition plan put into action three years ago. The plan was meant to equip FIUTS with up-to-date computer hardware and software. A fundraising campaign brought in enough funding for purchasing hardware but was not enough for the software needed. But with help from TechSoup, FIUTS did manage to acquire software, including Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server and Adobe software. The new hardware and software helps FIUTS communicate clearly across cultures and borders, helping students experience the global village firsthand.