Forum Civil Society

“We are very thankful to TechSoup and Microsoft for their donation, which greatly assists our daily work and helps us in working for the development of our country.”

— Borislav Frenchev, chair of the management board

Forum Civil Society

Forum Civil Society's main area of work is coordinating European Union projects: drafting project proposals, managing the projects financially, ensuring transparency and proper monitoring. Members of the team participate in each stage of developing the project proposal, looking for suitable financing and assisting in the implementation of project activities once the project receives funding. 

Through the years, staff have gained experience in different activities and programs: employment, qualification, and requalification projects as well as infrastructural projects, research, and tourism. They have worked successfully with a number of Bulgarian municipalities and have run projects with the cities of Byala, Suvorovo, Nikola Kozlevo, Vetrino, Varna, Shabla, Valchi Dol, and Avren. Their joint work is an example of successful partnership between a NGO and a municipality, a very common cooperation in the EU. 

Microsoft technology donations brought a great improvement in the day-to-day work of the organization and also increased data security. The document flow is much better organized. In addition, the staff is now trained in working with Microsoft products, which is an additional plus for their CV.