FOCUS-MEDIA Public Health and Social Development Foundation

"Our organization has always felt a pressing need for legal and effective software that enables us to perform our organizational coordinating and information activities. The infoDonor program presentation that Microsoft held and its conference for nonprofit organizations could not have come at a better time."

— Boris Fomin

Software Donations Support Russian Health and Social Development NGO

The FOCUS-MEDIA Public Health and Social Development Foundation has two goals: to improve the health of Russia's young people by reducing the spread of HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy or abortion, and drug/alcohol/tobacco dependency, and to develop civil society and strengthen the NGO community. 

One of the ways the foundation works towards its first goal is by creating media campaigns that promote responsible sexual behavior among youth. These campaigns have reached more than 80 million people in 40 Russian regions. The organization has also helped to stage 12 music festivals for youth and has published 4.7 million information booklets and 80,000 posters. The campaign's video spots have been aired on major national channels more than 15,000 times. 

The foundation has worked towards its second goal by holding five fundraising conferences (four Russian and one international). It organized more than 200 training classes and seminars for NGOs, social institutions, and schools and conducted Russia's first national Make the World Happier competition. 

Via its infoDonor program, the Institute of the Information Society provided the foundation with many Microsoft products. The server-based software helped to develop the organization's technical information infrastructure and supported its goals of improving the health of Russia's young people, strengthening the NGO community, and developing civil society.