Fitzroy Legal Service

"I would certainly recommend the DonorTec program to other not-for-profit community organizations because it is very useful."

— Robin Inglis, executive officer

DonorTech Helps Make Expert Legal Advice Accessible

Fitzroy Legal Service, one of the oldest community legal centers in Australia, provides legal advice to people who might not otherwise be able to afford it. In addition it offers community legal education and advocates for legal reform. 

Since its founding in 1972, the service has seen more than 50,000 different people with an average of 80 new clients a week. Of these clients, at least 40 percent are non-native English speakers, and a significant number are unemployed. 

Funding for Fitzroy Legal Service's work comes mostly from grants. And without the support of DonorTec, the software donation program of Connecting Up Australia, a member of the TechSoup Global Network, the organization would not be able to save on operation costs and divert more of the funding it receives toward services and training. Through DonorTec, the service was able to receive donations of Microsoft Windows and Office software and networking software. The donations increased both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the organization's day-to-day work.