Familles Rurales

"This was our opportunity to access software at a low cost. We were able to update and to standardize our entire IT infrastructure. AdB-SolidaTech is also really easy to use and access."

— Pascal Mantaut, director

Software Helps French Families Stay Connected

Familles Rurales is the largest family organization in France. Composed of 30,000 local associations, Familles Rurales includes 180,000 families and 40,000 volunteers in more than 10,000 communities. 

The group's main areas of focus are childcare, leisure and cultural activities, parenthood, senior citizens, consumer awareness, health and environment, home care, and rural life. All these activities are based on common values: taking responsibility, respecting differences, caring and providing support for the most fragile, and being involved in society. 

Through AdB-SolidaTech, TechSoup Global Network partner in France, the Familles Rurales association in the Drome area was able to equip all its computers with Microsoft Office software. The Server and Exchange applications allow the association to share electronic mail, services, and calendars. The software also provides access to the trade application that the association has developed. Volunteers also can work with some of these tools, which reinforces their connection and commitment to the organization.