Eurointegration Association

"The up-to-date software products stimulated the interest of the youths to learn and gave them self-confidence for mastering computer skills. At the same time, the Microsoft products were invaluable for sustaining of the normal office activity of the association, including document processing, presentation, design, and correspondence.“

— Nelly Kiryakova, executive director

Bulgarians Develop Creative Solutions to Help Disadvantaged Youth

The Eurointegration Association was founded in 2005 by a small group of people with a big dream — to create an organization devoted to helping Bulgarians integrate into the European Union. The association's primary mission is to provide rehabilitation and social services for disadvantaged children and youth. Eurointegration's 10 specialists also work with the elderly, the economically disadvantaged, and people with disabilities. 

Donations of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office enabled the association to equip a computer room with the latest software to teach computer and Internet skills. The program, called "My Place in the Virtual Space," was especially designed to serve young people from poor families who live far from information centers and have little access to computer-literacy education. The Microsoft-enabled computer room is also used by the association's staff and by local students. 

Participants acquired a variety of computer skills, knowledge of office software, and a general understanding of the Internet and professional communications. The program also encouraged the development of individual areas of interest. The Microsoft donation put an end to the search for technical solutions and gave the group the opportunity to focus on the most important issues, developing creative solutions in help of the disadvantaged youths.