Enfants du Monde Droits de I'Homme

"This first donation is a starting point in structuring the association's IT services. It has opened the decision makers' eyes to the importance of IT within an association like ours."

— Jeremie Zahorski

Tech Donations Boost Fight for Children's Rights

Headquartered in Paris, Enfants du Monde Droits de l'Homme (EDMH) is an organization dedicated to the protection of children and their rights around the world, as outlined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Key to meeting this mission are the approximately 800 EDMH staff and volunteers deployed in 12 countries worldwide. In 2008 alone over 27,000 children benefited directly from EMDH's activities. 

Being busy with coordinating its efforts all over the world, staff and volunteers at EDMH overlooked the connection between its mission and investing in its information technology infrastructure. After receiving donated Microsoft Windows XP licenses for its 50 computers through AdB-SolidaTech, a TechSoup Global Network partner in France, the organization experienced a surge in efficiency. This made the staff at EDMH realize how much investing in information technology infrastructure mattered to their success.