Ellensburg Community Health Clinic

"Without the use of Windows 7 and Office 2010, our clinic would be in complete disarray."

— Spokesperson for ECHC

Software Donations Help Clinic Provide Health-Care Services

The Ellensburg Community Health Clinic (ECHC) has been providing free basic medical care to residents of Kittitas County, Washington, since 1999. At ECHC's two clinics, patients have access to dental, medical, mental health, and vision care. The organization runs its clinics on alternate weekends and operates with an annual budget of $15,000. 

With its limited budget, ECHC could not afford the software it needed to make the leap to electronic medical records. Electronic medical records were needed to preserve patient medical privacy when patients alternated visits between its two clinics. The technology was also needed to work with the Department of Social Health Services and the Social Security Administration to meet the health-care needs of ECHC's clients. 

After turning to the TechSoup, ECHC received a donation of Microsoft Windows and Office. The donated software has helped transform the agency's operations. Demographic data collected on patients and volunteers has helped efforts to seek out grants. ECHC even managed to increase donations through the creation of new fundraising materials. With quick and easy access to patient records, clinic staff and volunteers can now focus on treating patients.